Thursday, November 29, 2012


It's a phenomenon one can observe many times - An iconic character is revived again in a new context. 

These days it seems to be a subliminal hype surrounding Yoko Ono. Besides appearing in Karl Lagerfeld's "The Little Black Jacket" exhibition you can wear Yoko now printed on your chest aswell.

Furthermore 1 week ago it got confirmed that the japanese artist and autor, well-known from her marriage with Beatles legend John Lennon, is going to launch a limited menswear collection at the online retailer Opening Ceremony.  Since two days brave young men can now order the eccentric collection of the japanese artist and autor and while we really like the illustrative video we are quite uncertain about the fashion itself. 

Do we really want to see the sunny male side in these fabrics?

Some extracts of the collection and more about the recent Yoko-hype after the jump. 

Yoko Ono x Opening Ceremony 

Yoko Ono at "The Little Black Jacket"

And What's is better for the final touch of a fashion comeback than a T-Shirt with the face on it? No surprise ZARA recognized the Yoko trend and transformed it on the most simple fashion medium - The white shirt.                                            

F/W 2012/13 ZARA 

What do you think? Yoko OH! or NO?

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