Friday, November 30, 2012

Rose Revival & Other Stories by H&M

The promising new label "&Other Stories" by H&M grants another insight. Besides providing us with high-quality fashion and accessoires it will cover us in a "Rose Revival". 
A new smell for a new era - a self-explanatory match. 

We are getting even more curious about the brand launching next spring. 

Stay tuned for further information and inspiration! 

Some exclusive pictures after the jump. 

Creative Director: Sara Hildén Bengtsson
Art Director: Carl-Axel Wahlström
Photo & Film production: Alexander Dahl, Patricia Reyes, Adrian Levander, Anne Lindfors & Lisa Milberg 
Creators skin care: Frida Fagerholm & Alf Jarméus
Fragrance creator: Ben Gorham

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