Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I LOVE YOU ISSUE NO. 4 out now

Yippieh it is done our Superwoman issue is ready, dedicated to all the Superwoman out there. I love you! Christiane


  1. Leah in the nude is sooooo precious.
    Her skin better than any clothes.
    It is so wonderful to see top models showing and shareing their natural beauties without silly human moralities or strange taboos against body.
    I saw Leah in LFW2007 with Chalayan. Now she is even more beautiful wearing her skin and proud of her sex being another natural part of her body. Fashion should turn into nauralism on catwalks and magazines to make humans understand nudity is not indignity, but beautiful reality and love to what we really are, natural creatures living in a fragile miracle planet that we must take care of, not destroy.
    Long life to new fashion, progress, naturism and body without taboos.
    Leah, wonderful in the nude. Thanks, Leah, for being so natnice.

  2. wow! ich bin schwer beeindruckt!
    und freue mich auf die neueste ausgabe!

    beste grüße,

  3. das magazin fasziniert mich immer wieder aufs neue. Freu mich auf die nächste ausgabe.

  4. Love is the most abused words in the planet.. be careful to use it now!..