Saturday, March 23, 2013

"My personal trainer used to call me the Tasmanian devil."

Unlike those times when one was happy just to have ENOUGH on the plate, today it’s not about
SURVIVING as much as it is about LONGEVITY. Not the quantity, but the quality. Based on the
belief of “singularity” and its scientific context, several years ago Riva-Melissa Tez decided to pursue the
CRON diet.

At the age of 23 Riva had already founded two companies, today, amongst other enterprises, she currently
teaches at the Design Akademie Berlin as an artificial intelligence specialist. 

An interview
about immortality, the balancing result of apple cider vinegar shots, and the placebo effect.

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

"What do I know of man's destiny? I could tell you more about radishes"
(Samuel Beckett)

Dear radishes, 
To me, you are the strawberries of vegetables. Everything about you is powerful and beautiful, as every food should be powerful and beautiful.
Too many people believe that you are silly and have no dignity. You are sly, and I love all that has a bit of cunning. One bites into your magenta colored skin to reach your snow white inside, which can sometimes be quite sharp. You don’t go about peddling yourself. On the contrary, you
hang about with your countless siblings on this distinctive and unique shaggy bundle. That’s why I LOVE YOU !

Text: Mirna Funk 
Photo: Marcus Gaab Studio 

Monday, March 18, 2013


First of all: I plead guilty. The evidence is clear.
from the prank of ringing of a neighbor’s doorbell
to my first cigarette, isn’t it always this way?
Once one is assimilated into a larger group, selfreflection
vanishes at the cost of self-assertion.
It’s the same with Instagram. I feel at home with
all these images of food. Strictly speaking, the
images with #food posted on the social photo
site increases at a rate of millions. There aren’t
even that many pictures of feet! Under #food: the
McDonald’s maxi menu next to images of cake stands
piled with sugary sweet macaroons, or schnitzel and
fries and – Oh! Hello… a bare male torso. Someone
obviously knows how to entice women. It’s not for
nothing that the tag #foodporn is synonymous
with Instagram.

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Thursday, March 14, 2013


Heidi Voet was born in Belgium and studied Sculpture in the Royal Academy of Fine Art in Ghent and Installation in The
Higher St. Lukas Institute in Brussels. For the last six years she has lived and worked between Shangai and Brussels.

For her "Food & Vegetables" series where she placed fresh vegetabels next to cut outs from Chinese erotic magazines. Controversal and a lot of fun at the same time. 

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Monday, March 11, 2013


For THE DIET ISSUE our stylist Kathi Kauder transformed the shape of banana stickers to fashionable accessories. Additionally, Gintare Parulyte told her story of a very unique kind of banana shock.

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Saturday, March 9, 2013

“Never cry over spilt milk, because it may have been poisoned.”
W. C. Fields

There’s almost no one in the world who doesn’t know it. That liquid, creamy joy that’s accompanied us since birth - whether with our morning granola, as the essence of a foamy latte, or a pure delicious side to freshly baked cookies. Cleopatra poured it in her bathwater thinking it would keep her skin eternally youthful. “Milk is full of calcium, it’ll make you big and strong,” or so we’ve heard since before we could even give voice to its name. Known the world over and accepted for centuries as one of the foundations of our food pyramid, today milk is more controversial than ever. A peek in the office refrigerator is enough to witness it for yourself - fighting for the pole position are rice, soy, skim, almond, and lactose-free alongside the universally known whole milk. One discovers the exact debate surrounding milk rather quickly - all of these varieties have their own benefits and disadvantages.

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Monday, March 4, 2013

(Franz Kafka)

We all know it, no one shares it:
 The necessity of letting ourselves be taken by our cravings sometimes. 

Photographer and I LOVE YOU MAGAZINES good friend Adrian Crispin and stylist Ann-Kathrin Obermeyer provided this wonderful photo series for THE DIET ISSUE. The talented duo captured the sweet moments of weakness, accompanied by all the complaining phrases we should swallow aswell. 

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