Wednesday, February 15, 2012

February Favorite: Forget the apple. Buy a beanie.

Seasons change, not always the way we prefer. That's a fact we needed to get used to, year after year. While actually every fashion store tries to lead us to believe in spring already knocking at out door, we are simply freezing, at least in berlin.

It seems to be the same dilemma every year. Like in the middle of summer, usually the time we go on  summer holidays, when we are desperately hoping to find at least one bikini which fits us more or less it's the same case with a simple, warm yet good-looking bonnet now. At least American Apparel understands to provide us with the right thing at the right time and offers simple, cosy beanies in a huge range of colours all year round. Find your favorite one online or in an AA-Store located in your city.

Side note for your shopping trip: Don't forget to take your favorite bikini right away!

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  1. I love you magazine, I love so much that I would like to do an internship during summer holidays 2012.
    You're one of the rare magazine to put graphic design & fashion on the same level, in another way, you represent what I love (so of course, I love you !)
    Do I have to contact you directly (what email adress ?) to present myself, do you need a simple CV, or an entire portfolio ?

    Luv & Love