Tuesday, November 8, 2011


My favourite dentist allowed us to do a jewellery shoot in his treatment room and have her assistant to get my teeth polished. And no, jewellery isn't something they usually wear during sessions.

See the result in I love you No. 7 "THE WRONG ISSUE" - out soon!

PHOTOS: Marcus Gaab
FASHION: Ann-Kathrin Obermeyer
MAKE-UP & HAIR: Catrin Kreyss using Chanel
MODEL: Christiane Bördner
DENTIST: Privatzahnärztliche Praxis Rudolf Zimmermann, Fasanenstr. 42, Berlin
VIDEO EDIT: Klara Plainer


  1. That earring is so gorgeous! I love the choice of color. Your dentist was nice to allow you to film while at her clinic.

  2. Hmm, it seems you've got a good dentist-patient relationship with your dentist. She even allowed you to take pictures in her clinic. It's good when we befriend our dentists. We get to be comfortable when they have to do some dental procedures on us.

  3. Sometimes, the color of our teeth has nothing to do with the enamel, but the reflection on what we wear. Like for example, pink lipstick is not a good choice to wear under incandescent light because it would make your teeth look yellowish, especially if you have a yellow-ish skin tone.

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