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What is "I love you magazine?"
I love you magazine is a fashionmagazine for women, meant to be a printed blog, a very personal point of view.

Who are your readers?

All women, main focus on the age of 25-45. We made this for a global contemporary audience and distribute the first issue already at selected fashion epicentres in germany, france, UK and the US. „If you want to be taken serious stop dressing like a little girl!” (Joan talking to Peggy, in US TV-Show “Mad Men”)

What do you think marks "I love you magazine" from all the other mags in the hall?

First, the magazine doesn´t exist because it is trying something completely new, never seen before. Lets be honest it is still a magazine with pictures and text. The reason we are doing this is because we love what we do, thats why we started it.

I love you is not a biannual fashion bible, it will be published irregularly at least every two month for now with the aim of being spontaneous and fast.

I love you is fast, glamouros and very easy to access due to its focus on great photography and design - and less on text. It is going to focus on women only, no men, I mean really - no men. It´s a womens point of view on women. Every issue will have a theme which will not only be inspired by the latest fashion. We try to grab ideas from wherever - everything about women and the desire for fashion. Whenever we are happy with what we have on an idea for an issue we will print it. We already planned the next 4 issues and it is going to be a lot of fun.

I love you is inspiring and made to reassure women in their self-esteem. We combine quotes and aphorisms with pictures to create a strong meaning and attitude. And, after all, the project is something new – not coming from an established publishing house or system. New, at these times, is always good and appreciated, this gives you some power but also responsibility somehow.

Can you give specific examples?

At the moment people are looking for something new, instead of sitting around crying about crisis in any regards. People are so thankfull that there is someone having the courage to launch something new. Everybody has a blog, everybody is an editor now and wants to post something, wants to find something to talk about. With "I love you" we try to establish a brand and therefore we will use all new communcation tools available.

What do you think about Feld Hommes?

Feld hommes is within the german speaking countries a high gloss magazine for men with great photography, great design and is filling a needed niche. It already made its way and i am happy that there is more and more magazine coming from germany, which show the world we are not living in a fashion dessert. I spoke to the Creative Director of T Magazine (supplement of New York Times) the other day about twen magazine and Willy Fleckhaus and how important this magazine was and the great heritage we have.

The red lips on the cover – from whom?

My friend and photographer Matthias Weingärtner shot them, it is an hommage to an essential womens iconography in our western culture. I am very into vintage, I love the 60s, 70s and 80s as you might see in the new isssue coming out in September. And these are models lips, if that was your question, an ideal woman, if you want.

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